Birch Plywood

It is a high quality construction material with
– excellent durability and good looking surface (also attractive edges)
– high mechanical performances
– advantageous weight/performance ratio

Specific weight
circa kg/mc  640-700

Composition (100% unrolled birch)
it is made of cross-bonded 1,4 mm thick birch veneers.
The panels are sanded on both sides and their surface is smooth, hard and durable.


Made in Finland and Russia

for interior application the size cm 152,5 x 152,5;
for outdoor uses (moisture resistant) cm 250×125 and cm152,5 x305: it maintains its performance characteristics under conditions of high humidity and does not deform or soak.  It can be used in both interior and exterior work.

it has the this certification

furniture industry, cabinets, desks, children’s toys, musical equipment,  building industry.

Thickness available
mm 4-6-8-9-12-15-18-21-24-30-35

cm 152,5×152,5 (interior)
cm 250×125 (exterior)
and cm 152,5×305  (exterior)

Other sizes and thicknesses available on request.