Poplar plywood faced with veneer

Mainly made with Italian poplar trees, it is a natural product manufactured using poplar veneers, which have been overlaid with the wood grains running perpendicularly and glued.
It is pressed on both sides with real wood veneer.

Veneers (thin slices of wood) are made out of different types of wood species such as fir, Cherrywood, ash wood, Oakwood, nut, oak with rustic knots and other on requests. (we can customize the panel).

Specific weight
420 kg/mc

Technical Features
Low weight thanks to the core panel (poplar plywood) and beautiful thanks to the veneer.

Nominal thickness of veneer is 6/10
(10/10 on demand)

“A” quality on one side;
back side by definition of customer (it can be A or B or economic choice)

For internal uses

Made in Italy

Carb on request
It is manufactured according to the formaldehyde emission control rules.

Prestigious and stylish furniture, interior design, cabinets etc.

Thickness available
mm 4 (just pressed on one side)
mm 8-10-12-13 (pressed on both sides)
(see the blockboard faced wood veneer section for other thicknesses and sizes)

cm 252×125 (mm 4)
cm 252×187 and 312×186 (mm 8-10-12-13)

Other sizes and thicknesses available on request