Poplar plywood

Mainly made with Italian poplar trees, it is a natural product manufactured using poplar veneers, which have been overlaid with the wood grains running perpendicularly and glued.

Specific weight
kg/mc 420

Technical Features

It is a very low weight panel, it has light color, good and natural smell of polar plywood; it is environmental friendly and it has excellent mechanical performances; it is manufactured according to the formaldehyde emission control rules.

B/BB with uniform faces and core.

Carb on request

Made in Italy

Furniture, building, caravan, stand expo, shelves, bricolage, packaging etc

Thickness available
mm 3-4-5-6-8-10-12-15-18-20-22-25-30-40

cm 252×187/185 (from mm 3 up to mm 40)
cm 212×313 (from mm 8 up to 30 mm)

Special sizes available on request